91/365 - "Band of Horses" featuring Luis Alvarez

April 01, 2014

91/365 - Band of Horses
Model: Luis Alvarez

A new month, a new theme. Like I said on my previous post, I've been wanting to do this project for almost two years now. This month I'll be interpreting band names in a very LITERAL way. It will definitely be my hardest theme yet and I'm both scared and excited for this challenge.

I'm sure I've mentioned before how I'm so blessed to have some of the greatest friends in the world. It's always so shocking how much they put up with me just to get my ideas onto a picture. This morning definitely showed another level of it. Alfonso, Luis and I woke up super early to shoot at 7:30 AM. We drove to this field that's less than 5 minutes away from my house BUT it would not stop raining. We didn't know it was going to rain today and it was mostly my fault for not checking until the morning of. According to my weather channel app, it was only gonna rain 9AM and on but it lied!! Haha, well we decided to "thug life" it and go shoot in the rain. I didn't bring my strobe for obvious reasons so camera and tripod it was. We had to walk down a hill with mud covering our shoes, it was not fun. As we got to the spot, it started to rain some more. AWESOME (sarcasm). I covered my camera with the diffuser that goes on my octabox and got to work. I forgot to mention that Alfonso had the opening of his art show at school that morning later that morning and wore a blazer and a button up. Like I said, none of us were prepared for rain. He left his blazer in the car and was only wearing his shirt. As he was covering my camera with the diffuser, he was completely soaked and was shivering. I told him to go back to the car but being the stubborn man that he is, he refused. Luis was wearing the horse mask and I was surprised that he could see out of it because you can only see through a small opening through the mouth. He followed instructions like a boss and was such a trooper for standing in the rain. I didn't keep track of how long we were shooting for but it wasn't too long since I wanted to get them out of there. As we walked up the hill the craziest thing happened...........it stopped raining. We were all freezing our butts off and were soaked that I didn't want to go back. Especially after my camera was exposed to the bad weather. Even if it's weather resistant, it's not waterproof. Once we got to my house, I made them hot chocolate, quesadillas and we watched Pokemon on Netflix before heading to school and work. I also put Alfonso's clothing in the dryer cuz he had to look fresh for the opening of his art show. They were such troopers. Mega high fives!

I feel like I could have done a few different things when it came to shooting but because of the rain and wanting to get the dudes out of there without a scratch, this will have to do for now. I already have a bunch of bands I want to bring to life so if you suggest one, I most likely already have it planned to shoot [;

Check out Band of Horses on Facebook, twitter and their website! Awesome band and perfect for a rainy day. Pun totally intended.


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