120/365 - "Forever The Sickest Kids" featuring Ayden

April 30, 2014

120/365 - Forever The Sickest Kids
Model: Ayden

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Last day of the month! Woo! This month was probably one of my favorite series I've ever shot. Like I said on the first day of the month, I've been wanting to do this for the last two years but never felt prepared. I'll definitely continue this theme next year with a bigger production and more time to plan. There are still SOOOO many bands I wanted to bring to life but I want them to be planned out as much as possible.

Today I brought "Forever The Sickest Kids" to life and I couldn't have done it without Ayden (the main star), Marissa (for letting me photograph her cutest niece!), Cornelius (for letting me borrow his home!!), Oreo and Alfonso. I made all of them wake up extremely early (I was up since 5AM) and I love them so much for that. I had an all day assisting job that started at 8AM so I only had time to do it at extreme early hours of the morning. Thanks to everyone that helped out this month! My friends are at an awesome level that's way over 9000.

Next months series is STAR WARS. I'll be photographing as many characters I can get my hands on doing regular things like mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, among other awesome things that you'll have to wait to see! If you have any Star Wars costumes and want to be part of this, feel free to contact me! I'll be photographing you for free but you just have to work with my crazy schedule. Lets make cool pictures happen. I'm specifically looking for a legit looking Chewy costume or at least just the mask for one rad picture. Contact me via Facebook message or email me at anabeephoto@gmail.com.

If you've been keeping up with every picture, you don't know how much that means to me. I'm doing this for myself but I absolutely love how many of you get stoked or concerned because I upload a picture a but after 12am haha.

Ayden having way too much fun blinding people with the flash haha


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