97/365 - "Ghost Town" featuring Robert Lathrop

April 07, 2014

97/365 - Ghost Town

Ended up going to Jamul today on a half tank of gas. We ended up at my friends house who lives in a castle (literally, yes, a motha effin castle) and I ended up shooting in front of one of the many abandoned houses in his property. This was my first time there and if you know me, you know that abandoned houses + Ana = EXTREMELY HAPPY ANA. I took pictures of what this house (pictured above) looked like from the inside. There was a mess and it made me feel better about how my room is at the moment. There was tons of porn everywhere, pieces of God knows what and a very smelly smelly fridge. I had a blast.

Thanks a bunch to Orup for letting us use his property and to my awesome crew and model, Haylie, Alfonso and Robert!

The band of today is Ghost Town. They're Haylie's friends and some of the nicest dudes I've met. They let us stay at their place last year when Haylie & I went adventuring. For you rock/electronic lovers, this band is for you.

Check out Ghost Town on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


  1. That is UNREAL how much junk and trash there is in that little abandoned place!


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