116/365 - "Sevendust" featuring Myself

April 26, 2014

116/365 - Sevendust
Model: Myself

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Today I went to my first ever off road race! My friend Troy grew up riding and living that life style as well as photographing races. I've known this guy for too damn long and I've always wanted to see what a race like this looked like. The day finally came! Him, his dad and I rode out to Ocotillo, California to see the "SCORE International Off-Road Racing" race. I had absolutely no idea what to expect so when we got there, there was over 20,000 people lined up on the side of the road to see this infamous race.

As soon as we parked and got out, the wind was very strong and there was sand all up in my eyes. I had forgotten my glasses so I suffered a good 6 hours with dirt in my eyes. I borrowed Troy''s prescription glasses but that only lasted about 5 minutes. THUG LIFE. I endured the pain. I shot a few pictures from the side at first and I loved how the people there were so into it! It was awesome seeing a lifestyle that is completely different from what you live.

These are my favorite chocolates everrrrrrrr!
I got them at a gas station out of SD because I can't seem to find anymore in my city. Probably cuz I ate them all :( 
So I stocked up (one is not pictured because I ate it)

While we waited for more cars to pass by, Troy and I walked to this part of the railroad that was behind us so I could take my photo of the day. I set up my tripod and had my remote in hand and got shooting. When I got to the top of the dark brown part, the wind was even crazier and it almost blew me away. I should also mention that I'm scared of heights so that little big drop freaked me out, especially with the wind trying to make me fall.

Sweater from Krawl Clothing, yo!

On the way back, we saw that the race was going right next to a mini bridge so we shot some pictures there. Some got way too close which I thought was cool and I figured that I'd die doing something I love, taking pictures. Luckily, I did not die (hooray!) and I'm able to post this blog post now. Unless some of you believe I'm a ghost and can type in the after-life.

Random girl I met whose name I forgot! She borrowed her bfs camera for a bit. Cool people.

I know this is blurry but just to give you an idea how close some of these got. I shot all these pictures w/my 35mm 1.4.

Overall, I had a blast and like I said earlier, I loved experiencing the culture that my close friend Troy lives! 10/10 would go again.


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