99/365 - "Journey" featuring Haylie Calvert

April 09, 2014

I spent this morning getting slurpees and shooting with Haylie & Alfonso. We went out to my secret getaway and got to shooting. It was really hot today and I'm glad I made the executive decision of getting slurpees beforehand. Alfonso pointed out that the last few times we've came here, it's been on extreme weather conditions. First it was raining, then it was extremely hot. If it makes for a good picture, we'll be there.

Thanks Haylie and Alfonso for helping out today! :D

If you don't know who Journey is, I highly suggest you check them out because you've been missing out on one of the greatest bands in music of all time. If you love them, the BIGGEST of high fives to you. If you hate them, I won't tell you you're wrong but you're wrong.

Check out Journey on Facebook, Twitter and their Website!

What Haylie looks like when you tell her to stop hash-tagging everything on instagram. #scary

The pictures below were taken by Alfonso Espinoza


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