103/365 - "Pinkish Black" featuring Myself

April 14, 2014

103/365 - Pinkish Black
Model: Myself

Apparently lots of people want me to do very "mainstream" bands that they love. I have nothing against that and I understand they might be your favorite and hey, some might be in my faves list as well but I may or may not be saving those until the end of the month. I also think that doing bands that you're not very familiar with can help open your mind to music you never knew existed. Also because it's my project and like I've stated before, I do what I want (no offense).

I'm a sucker for experimental rock and I'd like to thank my boyfriend for that. I love it so much because it works like super creativity food for my brain. Kind of like that episode of The Fairy OddParents where Timmy wishes for the coolest farm ever for his dad because he can't grow anything so Cosmo & Wanda use Super Food for the crops. That's how that genre of music works for my brain.

Now, this picture, like previous pictures, show boobs. This is for me, not for you, it's my art work, yadda yadda. There will always be that one person to either get offended, or try to be a smart ass about it. It's the human body, there is no need for you to get offended by what you or the opposite sex has. I did photoshop some nipples out for the purpose of more creepy-ness and to be slightly less scandalous. I was inspired to do the mirrored look by my best friend Alfonso's work because it's rad. Though, he doesn't do it with people, his stuff is so awesome and it's definitely worth checking out.

Check out Pinkish Black on Facebook and Bandcamp! They have a show in San Diego on May 2nd at House of Blues if you're interested! For more info on the show, click here.


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