106/365 - "As Blood Runs Black" featuring Myself

April 17, 2014

106/365 - As Blood Runs Black
Model: Myself

I had left my tripod in my friends car and I had to ghetto rig a "tripod". I got a fold-able chair, more than half of my Harry Potter books, my xbox box and I had a semi-functional tripod. It reminded me of back in the day when I didn't have a tripod and had to invent some crazy things. It worked so ha! Earlier that day I was being productive doing adult business things and I helped out my best friend film his project for school. After that, we went to the Eastlake Tavern to meet up with Haylie and socialized with some very rad people. I left early to take this and looking back, it needs more blood. My priority was to not stain the carpet, you're welcome mom. Oh, I also dyed my hair last night. I feel like a normal person. It sucks but I like it. I dyed it for another photo project that has absolutely nothing to do with this year long project. Keep your eyes peeled!

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