March 29, 2014

Iron Digital \m/
CHROME DIGITAL. These guys, and gal, are probably some of the greatest people in the planet. I'm not saying that just because they've invited me to have my art show there but because they're probably a bunch of superheroes. The days that I was in this week to make sure the printing went well and to set up they were always taking clients and making sure their prints were beyond their expectations. One of the things I absolutely love about businesses is amazing customer service. Chrome has set the bar high and I cannot think of going to anyone else for prints. The quality of every single print I had made blew me away. I made some prints on two types of metal (\m/) and I was speechless of how bad ass the printing was. If you're going to the art show tonight, I hope you love them as much as I do! I can't thank Chrome enough on everything they've done for me these past few months and mostly this week leading up to the show. Don't worry, your secret of being superheroes behind closed doors is safe with me (and with the rest of the world). I can't thank you guys enough on everything you've done for me! xoxo

p.s. there will be a huge surprise print for all of you to see. dun dun dun!

ALSO! A HUGE thanks to Chris Wimpey for always being my go to photographer for photo advice and guidance. Thank you for your endless support and for being one of the many people to believe in the craziness that I create.

Photo by Unkown
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All photos by me 


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