Day 72/365 - "Spark" featuring Katelyn Krysinski

March 13, 2014

Katelyn has been one of the people that has constantly been supporting my work as a photographer. She is a creative person herself and even has her own bakery business. CUPCAKES Y'ALL! She does custom orders so you need to contact her asap and treat yo self. She makes this mocha chocolate something else that sounds delicious cupcake that equals one cup of coffee. She says she's gotten them ordered from people when they have finals. Such a rad thing to order and make. If you're a coffee lover, you should totally order those bad boys! I can't have any sort of caffeine so let me know how delicious they are :D I placed an order myself of two different kinds of cupcake flavors so I'll be sharing some pictures on Saturday. *drools*

E-mail to get a quote on some deliciousness!

ALSO! Keep in mind that if you'd like to schedule a paid shoot, you'll get 2 other creative artsy fartsy pictures plus 4 other non artsy fartsy pictures for only $100. That includes high resolution and web resolution images. Take advantage of that price if you want to be part of my project. I'm charging so cheap because I want to encourage people to be part of what I'm doing and to get the chance to own a one of a kind image of their pretty faces.


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