65/365 - "Scream" featuring Myself

March 06, 2014

65/365 - Scream

She walks around the earth with a fake smile but if you'd see what was inside her mind, you would scream
Model: Myself

Because I know some of you will ask, that was my own description of today's picture. In a way, the picture itself is a description of how I've been feeling lately. I hope that makes sense. We're all human. We walk around going about our day, smiling, greeting people as we pass them by while inside we're not ALWAYS 100% happy with either ourselves or with whatever situation we have going on in our every day lives.

For me, it's more personal for different reasons. I'm in a long distance relationship and it's been one of the most challenging things I've ever done. At this point you're either thinking, "Woah, Ana has a boyfriend?" or you're thinking, "I know the feels about the not being 100% happy with yourself". Yes, I have a boyfriend and have been with him for almost a year now, I just like to keep my private life private as much as possible but I guess now it's more out in the open. I wanted to share that because I've noticed a few not so close friends (but still cool people) being in a long distance relationships. You're not alone dudes. It's hard as hell but if two people truly want to be together, they'll go through great lengths to keep the relationship alive.

Another thing I've been thinking is how freakin' crazy it is that we see other artists work, in my case other photographers mostly, and you feel so inspired and you think to yourself, "What in the world?! That is the coolest thing ever. Damn, this person is so talented. I love their work. That lighting doe! Your editing skills [obviously along with their shooting skills] are impeccable!" I feel like us as artists have experienced this at least once in our lives. Then sometimes you look at your work and you're just like, "meh". You have to remind yourself that not everyone shoots the exact same thing or they add their own flair to that sort of style (for example concerts, just to name one). Those people that you dig might look at your own work and think the same exact thing. It's just one of those artists things.

Hopefully you can relate to those or even relate it to your own personal life.

How I did this picture:

I did the exact same thing as my previous description but this time I used my softbox. Same exact idea, except that now you have to work with your strobe and calculate your settings with that. Here's the picture without any sort of editing and straight out of the camera. Mess around when color correcting it on photoshop and work your own magic to it! I also added a bit of the "ghost" on the second picture on the edited photograph of the day.

I originally took something with the concept of a rose but I think I'm gonna work on it with another model rather than myself. Hope you enjoyed!


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