60/365 - "Exhale" featuring Haylie Calvert

March 01, 2014

60/365 - Exhale

Another month completed! Wooo! *cue tres leches cake, party poppers and pizza* I'd like to thank everyone involved/supported in last months project and for letting me use them as a canvas. I had a blast and it definitely challenged my painting skills. I did most of the paint but there were very few that I made them paint themselves because I knew they were capable of doing so.

February Recaps:
- I had to clean my sink a bunch of times
- My shower looked like if Dexter practiced his blood splatters with black paint
- My nails are still stained with black paint (HELP)
- There's a small stain of black paint on my carpet (Sorry mom)
- I got to paint people and made them look bad ass

I'm calling this months (March) new project "Seeing Double". I first started doing this sort of style of "double exposed" images when I was tired of my photography professors telling me what to do. I guess you can say it was my way of being a rebel. WHATEVA, I DO WHAT I WANT. I really wanted to do more of this style with the gorgeous people that I am blessed to work with all the time. Today's picture features my hottie best friend Haylie Calvert. I've had her for the first days of the past two months so I thought I'd continue with tradition. I really wanted to do something with flowers after seeing the pictures below on tumblr. I'd love to credit the artist but he or she was nowhere to be found on the credit box. If you know who did these, let me know asap! I'd love to credit them for the inspiration.

After taking these crazy pictures, Haylie and I went outside to shoot with the crazy wind that has invaded San Diego.


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