59/365 - "Creation" featuring Myself

February 28, 2014

Model: Myself

My original plan to end the month was to photograph someone I had worked with in the past. Due to the weather that is currently taking over San Diego, I decided it was best if she stayed home. If you don't live in San Diego, we are having a storm. Rain, thunder and crazy wind. It was a relaxing day for me playing League of Legends and watching one of my new found addictions, Arrow. I'd like to thank Alfonso for getting me hooked. Then I went out to snap some shots & video of the weather. I'm only sharing pictures because I have work at 6:30 so pretend wind is yelling at you and throwing branches at your face. I start off my new theme TOMORROW and I'm stoked to share that with you guys in the morning. Keep an eye out for more info.


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