44/365 - "Shapes" featuring Katelyn Patty

February 13, 2014

I apologize for the late upload. I took this earlier in the day and then had some other business to handle. I didn't upload it on time because I went to a concert with my family of this amazing singer named Rosana. She is ridiculously good and has so much soul in her voice that I even teared up. YES, I do have feelings sometimes. It could have been because the song was about love, it was gonna be Valentines day the next day and because I missed my boyfriend and wasn't gonna see him any time soon cuz long distance relationship probz. ANYWHOOOOOOOOOO.

The lovely Katelyn volunteered to model for me today and it was a blast. I had my mom help out for some shots and throw her hair up. It was pretty damn rad. 


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