54/365 - "Branches" featuring Natalya Cadena

February 23, 2014

54/365 - Branches

This weekend I helped out my film teacher with one of his short films. It consisted of two full days of  12+ hours of shooting and what not but I had so much fun. Today in particular was a 16 hour day of shooting and I had schedules Natalya at the very last minute. More like a day before but still. The film went over a few hours behind schedule but we got the shots we needed. As soon as we wrapped up, I went straight to my house where Natalya was waiting for me. I got paint ready and we got to work. The whole shoot probably took about 20 minutes total not including editing. Thanks to Natalya and Luis for being life savers! I'll be posting a mini blog on the film soon. Stay tuned! 


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