32/365 - "Vines" featuring Haylie Calvert

February 01, 2014

32/365 - Vines

Hey everyone! If you're still reading my blog and were here from the beginning, this beautiful face might look familiar. Haylie was the first person I shot for my project (and I'm always taking pictures of her cuz she's a hottie and one of my best friends) and I shot her one other time last month because no one was available, but I'm not complaining!

Last month (January 2014) I tried to photograph a new person every day and I had posted that the photo shoots were absolutely free on instagram. All you had to do was email me a few pictures of yourself and your availability for that week. I did this so people can get a chance to get photographed like forest fairies since my theme was nature and to spread the word about my project. I'd like to thank a BUNCH to the people that helped me out and you will be receiving a little gift from me this week.

Unfortunately, this was a 31 day "trial" and I'll be charging from now on. If you're super bummed about this, don't you worry, I will be giving a HUGE discount to ANYONE that is willing to model and lets me photograph them like one of those French girls (or paint like today's picture :P). On the other hand, I will be looking for a specific look to photograph and I will reach out to those people to see if they would like to collaborate in my project. If you think you have a look close to Haylie's or can pull off a goth look like no other, or just want to book a shoot with this style (doesn't have to be showing a bunch of skin FYI) feel free to email me at anabeephoto@gmail.com with 4 pictures of yourself and we can talk more about it.

To talk more about my project, I noticed that the first three pictures of this month were nature inspired. I decided to continue this nature theme since last year in October I did a theme called "31 days of Halloween". I decided to do a different theme every month for the rest of the year so I didn't get bored, lose motivation, to work with different elements, experiment in working with new things and work on old techniques.

I'm calling this months theme "Back To Black" and it will consist of studio based portraits with my models wearing only black outfits. Some of these outfits will be more grunge based and others will be high fashioned based. There will be times where they might meet in the middle but anything might be fair game. Feel free to re-read paragraph three if you want to participate with this months theme!

We were dancing and playing with my dog Navi because we do what we want.


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