33/365 - "The Indifferent" featuring Myself

February 02, 2014

33/365 - The Indifferent
Model: Ana Becerra (myself)

I didn't book anyone today because I had work and I had to watch the Superbowl. Using the only paint brush I could find, I started drawing some sort of vines coming from the back of my neck a few hours before work early in the morning. You can't see them too much in this picture but they're there. As I photographed myself, I didn't feel the connection as I usually do when I take a picture. It was as if the spark and creativity wasn't there. I had work very soon so I stopped taking pictures and cleaned up. From over a hundred pictures that I took, I chose about 5 decent ones and out of those I chose two. I'm only showing one because I didn't feel that the other one was very good. Maybe I'm just tired of photographing myself and don't find that high I usually have when taking self-portraits. Either way, here is today's picture and I hope you enjoy it more than I do.


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