71/365 - "Kingdom" featuring Myself

March 12, 2014

71/365 - Kingdom
Model: Myself

Today my friends and I were gonna go to LA for a taping of a late night show called "@Midnight". My friend got half the day off and left a bit late because adult thangsss. We knew we weren't gonna make it but there was some hope still in us. We got to LA a few minutes after of what I'm assuming would have been the time people had already gone in for the taping.

Our plan was to go to Meltdown Comics and just explore around Hollywood and what not. INSTEAD, I had curiously asked if we had passed Disneyland and if Downtown Disney was around because I had never been to Downtown Disney. My friend pulls an emergency maneuver across lanes and exits to go to there. We walk around downtown for a while and my friend Luis posted a selfie online saying how he was torturing himself being so close to Disney without a pass. LUCKILY his friend Luis (yes, Luis and Luis.) was awesome enough to offer to bring us in since he's a certified bad ass that works for Disney.

We went to California Adventures (first time being there!) and Disneyland. I got to go on the Goofy ride (I think that's what it was called) and if you know me, you know I hate roller coasters. Even for a "baby ride", it was too crazy for me. I survived though! We watched World of Color and proceeded to Disneyland. We only went on Space Mountain (only roller coaster ride I like there) but we had a blast. Bonding over video games and geeky goodness while we were there was great. THEN since I didn't have enough time to find a model in LA, I decided to pose myself because thug life. Now, I didn't bring a tripod or my remote control for the regular selfie routine so I asked Alfonso to be my human tripod and I told him what to do. I had Luis, Luis and Mario working light with iphones and I got to work. I'm glad the security guard let us stay a few more minutes shooting in front of the castle. You rule sir!

I know this doesn't go with the regular cropped at the chest, bare, non nude but everyone thinks they're nude pictures, but I call the shots in this photo relationship. Besides, I wasn't gonna take off my shirt at Disneyland with kids around. I do what I want!

Seriously, thank you SO MUCH to Luis, Luis, Alfonso and Mario for making today so awesome!! You all rule and you're the greatest friends ever.


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