2/365 - "Float On" featuring Brigitte Bell

January 02, 2014

2/365 - Float On

Another day of freezing my models. Good thing every single one of them are troopers. Especially Brigitte Bell! I knew that I was going to do an underwater shoot today (with my brothers underwater point and shoot that I took, sorry bro) and she lives a street away from me and was 100% up for the adventure. I also had the worst cold ever. When we got to my community pool, I automatically apologized because the water was TOO DAMN FREAKIN' COLD degrees. We both said THUG LIFE (her more than me) and got in the water. I told her the poses I wanted to try outside of the water and then we went for it. I had a blast despite the cold temperatures. Thanks a bunch to Luis (who also helped me on day one and forgot to mention, my bad dude!) and Alfonso for being supportive and keeping us alive. Also for the behind the scene pictures :) Enjoy!
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