22/365 - "Mist" featuring Alex Polk

January 22, 2014

22/365 - Mist
Model: Alex Polk

Ended up going on a spontaneous mini road trip from San Diego to Huntington Beach today. My rad crew (Alfonso & Luis) and I drove up to hang out with Caitlin before she departs in doing more rad things and met up with my friend Alex! I didn't have anyone specific to shoot today so I posted on Instagram if anyone in the area wanted to shoot and surely after, I got Alex to do it. Alex is the guitarist for California based experimental hip hop group Dayseeker. He took us to Bolsa Chica Wetlands and it was surrounded in dense fog. By the time we got to this spot there was very little sunlight and I ended up using my friends iphone flashlights and had Alfonso kick some dirt in the frame. Now we're all chillen at a local Starbucks talking about the most random things, my friends rule. 


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