17/365 - "Serenity" featuring Alfonso Espinoza

January 17, 2014

17/365 - Serenity

If by now you don't know Alfonso, you were probably not reading my blog. He's my best friend, my first assistant and a rad photographer himself! We went on an adventure accompanied by my friend Raul to downtown and then to Seaport Village. When we were there, we were looking for a strange girl to ask if she could model for my project. Meanwhile, Alfonso posed for me in the poses I usually make my models do and he freakin' NAILED it. Sorry girls, but he did it better, haha. I didn't end up finding anyone except this one girl but I was too damn shy for some reason to ask her and I didn't want to seem like a creep. But now that'll be my own personal challenge to overcome. On the bucket list, ask a stranger to model for this years project. Either way, I loved the pictures that I took of Alfonso and added a girly flair in post production (like if his pose wasn't already on point). Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Tickets to the gun show anyone?


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