8/365 - "Tall Places" featuring Emma Hernandez

January 08, 2014

8/365 - Tall Places
Emma was the victim of the day! We went to downtown San Diego and shot in front of some apartments. We were there for a little while and some random guy came up to us saying that he was the king of something and proceeded to do this "x" thing with his arms. King of straight edge? We will never know! Moments later we got kicked out of the place but I knew I had gotten enough shots there and we walked to a nearby park. I asked a lady there if I could borrow her white husky (her name was Aspen!) for a shot or two and she was stoked to do it. Afterwards we found out she was a dog walker. Her name is Cindy Reynolds and you should check out her company because she was very nice to us. Thanks again to Alfonso for being a professional leaf thrower and assisting on the shoot! Also Kim for hanging out with us crazy people.

Possible straight edge King
Me showing Emma some poses. Thanks for the capture Alfonso!


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