174/365 - "Casual" featuring Myself

June 23, 2014

Model: Myself

I should just call this months theme "Ana Dresses Nice for a Whole Month". It's been the most anti-social month I've had and I feel like it should be the opposite because it's summer time. If you are keeping up with the series, I'm gonna go ahead and apologize for the amount of selfies instead of going out and finding new people to photograph.

On the other hand, I sacrificed sleep last night to edit my blogspot layout. I've been dreading how horrible it looked for the past 4 months that I finally buckled down to do it. I'm horrible with website makin' and it just reminded me how much I disliked my web design class I took years ago. I think I did an alright job since I just wanted something simple. Once I get into something I just research and try to get better at it, in this case, it was updating my blog look. I don't think I'll be taking it as a job since I'm not good enough for that nor do I enjoy doing it. It was fun doing it for myself though!

If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw a preview of some rings I've been making all month long. Those will be up on my Etsy store later this week once I have more time to do so. I have some house work to do today, day job and edit a bunch of images. Tomorrow I'm assisting a photographer on some fancy spa pictures (always a great time!), Warped Tour on Wednesday and some events at HOB for an event company I work for the whole weekend. I'll definitely be needing some ice cream and an "Orange Is The New Black" marathon since I've been putting off season 2 since it came out on Netflix.

What shows have you been watching lately?


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