165/365 - "Stage" featuring Ahren Grey

June 15, 2014

Model: Ahren Grey 

I had things to do early morning and went to work right after getting those errands done. I got off work around 7PM and went straight to Soma (local music venue) to photograph some friends. Every time I shoot a show I run around everywhere to try to get the best angles and capture the best moments. I always get that I'm like a ninja and I can't confirm or deny that because life is cool. Anyway, I was catching up with some more friends I hadn't seen in a while and making some new ones that I completely forgot about every responsibility I had. I was taking pictures all night of my friends that I didn't really plan a shot for the day. Once it hit 12AM I thought two things, Geneva's 21st bday and that I missed a planned shoot. GOSH DARN IT! I didn't stress too much because I knew I got some candid shots that I might be able to use. Luckily, I think this one was the best of the night. One because fashion metal and two because Ahren. He's probably one of the kindest dudes I've met and I always feel over protective of him. WATCH OUT LADIES. Just kidding! But seriously. 

The runner ups were these cool kids:


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