161/365 - "Mess" featuring Myself

June 10, 2014

161/365 - Mess
Model: Myself

If you've been following my work for more than a year, you might remember that I did an art show last year when I joined RAW Artist. When you become a member and have an art show in your home town, you're allowed one out of town show. My best friend Alfonso and I have been talking about taking up the opportunity and having our out of town show in Seattle, Washington. After a few months of emailing back and forth with the coordinator of RAW in Seattle, we finally got the date confirmed. We'll be showing our work Sunday August 31st at Neumos in Seattle. You can purchase a ticket here and I hope to see my Seattle friends there! I'll have more info on what I'll be showing when the date gets closer. Woo! 

On another note, I made these Mario and DK rings today. I might have them up on my Etsy page once I open it up for the public along with some other non-Nintendo rings.



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