160/365 - "Hotel" featuring Myself

June 10, 2014

160/365 - Hotel
Model: Myself

I went to a concert with my family and watched "Il Volo". My family and I have been keeping up with them since they were on this Italian show called "Ti Lascio Una Canzone". It's a group of three young Italian dudes that sing opera and absolutely kill it! The show was way more than I expected. There were a ton of older people and definitely a few younger generations. I thought it was awesome that there was different types of age groups. Since my music taste goes from Opeth, to Usher, to Florida Georgia Line to Claude Debussy I've always wanted to go to an opera concert. 10/10 would watch those dudes live again. Don't tell my boyfriend but I totally swooned over their voices. :P There was a part during two songs that a bunch of the female audience got in front of the stage and I thought it was hilarious and rad. I went at the very last song with my brother to take a closer pic because I feel weird not taking pictures at a concert. My crappy phone pic will do! Oh yeah, my brother rented a room at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn & Suites for the fam and I so we spent the night there. They had that cool green couch and I couldn't pass up a selfie on it. 


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