162/365 - "Bruises & Closet Space" featuring Myself

June 12, 2014

162/365 - Bruises & Closet Space
Model: Myself

Can someone live with me and model for me so I don't have to use myself as a model, please?! 

On another note, I've been getting asked a lot what this months theme is. I think on the first day of the month I said that it was going to be summer/editorial themed but due to unforeseeable circumstances, it's just focused on simple outfits so it's fashion/editorial I guess. This months theme isn't as interesting as I wanted but I wish I was a super hero and could do everything perfectly. I promise it'll get more interesting and you won't have to see my lame face too often! Another reason I'm using myself a lot this week was because 1) I have some important business to attend to 2) I have a day job 3) I got re-addicted to Pretty Little Liars on Netflix because season 4 is on it now. You can all blame Haylie for that. 


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