151/365 - "Final Battle" featuring Willie & Ahren

May 31, 2014

151/365 - Final Battle
Models: Willie & Ahren

We had to move a million times for cars turning way too fast. Luckily, we also had our friends keep an eye out for us. We all got together for Amanda's going away for Warped Tour for two months party! Gonna miss that crazy awesome person.

ANOTHER MONTH OVER! *cue party poppers* I had so many freakin' challenges with this month that I thought I wasn't gonna complete it, but I proved myself wrong. I'm glad I was able to bring something I love so much to life with how some Star Wars characters would act if they lived in our time. Although not all of them are like that, I had fun. Checking off this crazy, hectic, busy month off my list. Thank you so much to everyone that was part of this. You're all amazing people.

MONTH OF JUNE: Summer Fun. The whole month of June I will be doing more editorial based photo shoots with something involving summer. Ice cream, beach, pool, etc. I'll be needing new models that want to expand their portfolio and work on spontaneous photo projects! If you're interested, shoot me a message.


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