123/365 - "Free Comic Book Day" featuring Robert Ball

May 04, 2014

123/365 - Free Comic Book Day
Model: Robert Ball

HEY! So the past few days have been absolutely hectic for me. From working on and helping my classmates with their video finals for class, to working on other cool things, trying my best to catch up on sleep, catching up on client work, to keeping my anxiety/stress levels to a minimum, it's just absolutely crazy. It's somewhat to the point where I only talk to the people I end up working with that day and forget about everything else, except my boyfriend of course. Life just has those insane moments sometimes. I think I'm handling it well, for the most part. This hasn't stopped me from planning ahead and shooting my daily pictures so I'm definitely going strong on this project, just not uploading anything the past two days is unfortunate.

Anywho! Yesterday was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and I had my friend Robert pose for a picture at our local Comics N Stuff. Since I work and the same mall that it's in and go there frequently, I know the awesome people there and are most kind to me. I got permission to shoot there and photographed it before going to help film a concert for my friends film final. It was a blast.


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