130/365 - "Date Night" featuring Marianne Fredericks

May 11, 2014

130/365 - Date Night

Remember how I said that I also have a life and I incorporate whatever I'm doing in my day to my picture? Well I cut it close to this one. I went out to dinner with Mari, Marissa and Oreo and we noticed the time and it was 11:55. Oreo ran to the car and brought back my gear and I shot Mari with it. It's not the most elaborate photograph but imagine yourself having dinner with a hot clone trooper and you might like it, haha. We ended up meeting some of Oreo's friends that live in UCSD and we played real life Call of Duty (minus the guns) while we stalked some other people we met at a party that were trying to look for us to hang out haha. Good times.

COD action


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