140/365 - "DDR Trooper" featuring Harold Hens

May 23, 2014

140/365 - DDR Trooper
Model: Harold Hens

Oreo and I went up to Rancho Bernardo to visit Marissa since she moved there and we missed her after I finished shooting my film for class. We explored around her apartment and brought Jax along for the adventure. After that, we were location scouting around her new town and ended up buying some tasty butter beer (non-alcoholic) from Bevmo. As we kept driving, we ran into a place called Nickel City. ARCADE GAMES FO DAYS! We asked the people working there if we could bring in our butter beer and they agreed with the exception that if we were to drop it, we would clean it. I've done my fair share of cleaning the nastiest bathrooms so that was nothing for me. We went in and tried our luck to some rad games. When Marissa and I danced our booties off to a DDR game, we met some cool dudes that were pro at it. I asked one Harold if he could model with my mask on and he modeled away! We ended up staying an hour after close because Blake (a rad dude that works there) ended up getting his professional DDR moves on while we shot some Aliens. After our gaming adventure, we explored some more and ended up in a rad little town.


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