124/365 - "Day-cation" featuring Steve the Trooper

May 05, 2014

124/365 - Day-cation
Model: Steve of the 501st Legion San Diego Squad

I've decided that from now on, I'll be taking Sundays off from photo jobs. Today was Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! I took Oreo and Haylie to the downtown public library because of the awesome event that was going on. We were on a slight time crunch but had a blast! We ran into Steve the Stormtrooper and chatted a bit about the organization. I found out that we live in the same area and after bonding over that and Buffalo Wild Wings, I asked him if he could spare 5 minutes to pose for a few pictures. We went over to the kids reading area and I photographed him against the awesome Dr. Seuss wall. Shortly after that and discussing cos-playing, we parted ways. My gang and I walked around for a few more minutes before leaving. I was definitely a happy camper when I was there. Thanks again Steve for helping out!

Oreo and I getting escorted by zee troopa

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Instax from previous shoots to celebrate!


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