134/365 - "Sibling War" featuring CJ & Marissa

May 15, 2014

134/365 - Sibling War
Models: CJ & Marissa

After semi-planning and changing my original idea for my film class' final project, I decided to do a Star Wars video. You'll see what it's about when it's done! I'm doing this with the help of my friends Robbie and Carlos. Today was the first day of filming and we were being eaten alive by bugs. We had Marissa's niece (who was part of my band projects "Forever the Sickest Kids picture) and it was so awesome to have her. I looooooooove kids and I had such a blast. Tomorrow will be day two of filming and the last day. Can't wait to get this done!

ALL pictures below are behind the scenes that Oreo took.


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