138/365 - "Editing Leia" featuring Myself

May 18, 2014

138/365 - Editing Leia
Check out those lightsaber glasses, yo!
Model: Myself

I'm trying to do my best on having Sundays off from crazy projects (except my year one). I kind of failed because I needed to catch up on some editing but since I did that all morning until 3 ish, I spent the rest of the day finishing Bates Motel and FINALLY watching the last half of Hemlock Grove. Bates Motel is absolutely genius. Everything from the cinematography to the script is a 10/10 for me. Unfortunately for Hemlock Grove, I felt a bit different. The actors were great, but the story could have been developed a bit more. About 70% of the show was very unclear as it didn't really tell the audience what exactly was going on. It kind of dragged on and the character development was weak. None the less, it still grabbed my attention enough to finish it. Hopefully season two is more organized. If it's sci-fi I'll most likely love it (except Star Trek, sorry!) so that's what I really liked about the show. Werewolves, vampires and MORE. Best of luck on season two! As I'm wrapping this up, I'll be spending the rest of my night finishing Chuck season 5 and watching today's episode of Game of Thrones! Last weeks episode was AMAZING. Can't wait to find out what happens!

Meanwhile, I leave you with this awesome meme I found today.


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