145/365 - "Fish Food" featuring Marissa Channing

May 27, 2014

145/365 - Fish Food

I woke up extremely early to go take pictures of Marissa's brothers hockey game! I had no idea it was going to be in the LA area but I was totally up for the adventure. It was a game with active military vs the police department. Military won 8 to something. It was my very first ice hockey game and it was awesome. I was allowed to go absolutely everywhere I wanted to. I got to be on the benches with both teams and I totally prayed that I didn't get hit in the face by a puck or get crushed by a hockey player as they came to the bench. I lived so that's a good thing. After the game, Marissa and I went to the nearest Starbucks to charge my things and then we went to Disneyland! It was her first time going so her face was priceless. Thanks a bunch to my friend Luis for getting us in! :D <3


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