"Sorceress" featuring Katelyn Krysinski

October 21, 2014

If you've been wondering why I've been somewhat MIA it's because my parents recently purchased a house and we've been moving, renovating and everything in between. But this is me catching a breath of fresh air and catching up on my editing.

About a week ago, Katelyn and I went to explore some creepy places. The main pictures location wasn't even on the list to explore and we ran into it by somewhat of an accident and I'm so glad we did! In return for me taking pictures of her gorgeous face, Katelyn made me some delicious cupcakes. She has her own bakery business and is the queen of DIY. She made me some other delicious cupcakes before if you want to check that post out ;D 

Model, makeup and hair by Katelyn

Banana hazelnut milkshake I made combined with Katelyn's delicious cupcakes!


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