"Black Souls" featuring Marianne Fredericks and Q

October 09, 2014

For day 6 I was planning another selfie but my friend Luis called me to go hang out with some friends at an arcade bar called Coin-Op. I took advantage of stepping out of my editing cave to shoot someone other than myself. Limiting the "selfies" is what I'm trying to go for this month anyway. I wanted something less bloody (surprisingly) and more Gothic. We went to Balboa Park in the middle of the night and got to shooting with the amazing architecture that is there to offer. Shortly after we started shooting, we saw a guy pass by with a gorgeous Husky. After my friends briefly talked about his dog, Doctor Who and Star Trek, I jumped at the opportunity to ask if he could let us borrow his dog, who is named "Q", for a few quick pictures. He was up for it and I got shooting. Q was the sweetest, obedient, photogenic dog and absolutely perfect for this. Thank you Scott for letting us borrow your best friend! :D 

Modeling and makeup by Marianne Fredericks

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