September 11, 2014

Taken by Alfonso Espinoza
HELLO! If you're one of the people that have been wondering if I gave up my 365 project or if I was still alive, I am still shooting every day and still very much alive. I mentioned a few things of what I was up to on my last blog post and how much uploading has been a problem because of my busy traveling schedule. WELL, I'm gonna update you with details and instead of doing different blogs about my adventures I'm just gonna do a BIG OL' BLOG right here.

I started my MIA streak towards the end of July. One of the things I had going on was COMIC-CON.
Comic-Con is a huge thing for myself, my friends, and the rest of the geeky world. I was working 3/4 days for a marketing agency called Hadley Media. I got to photograph things for the USA Network, Adult Swim and American Horror Story. After work I hung out with friends, went to geeky parties and got to see Linkin Park.

A few days after the Con, I went on tour with my friends in Idlehands.

THEN, I flew back to San Diego to take care of some business and a week later I flew to Seattle for 3 weeks to visit my family, baby niece and work PAX.

New friends I met at the lake!

Then the first day I was home, I went to go check out a house with my family that my parents are going to buy. We will be moving in about a month and a half. Don't worry, it's still in San Diego. About less than a week later I worked GameStop Expo. It's been a hectic past few months and I don't think I'll be slowing down (maybe to just play League) any time soon.

This busy schedule brings me to something I didn't want to have to do. I've gotten a lot of people tell me if I had quit my 365 project. I've been taking pictures every single day and have been extremely behind on editing and uploading them. To be honest, I don't think I'll be able to upload them any time soon so I'll be stepping back from it. I am super bummed because it was something that I was so dedicated to but the adult struggle/busy life is way too real. *moment of silence* *tear rolls down cheek*

ON A HAPPIER NOTE, I will be photographing every day for the month of October because October is awesome and it makes the world go round. I'm extremely excited to do awesome collabs with awesome people. I apologize if you were as stoked on the 365 as I was but you'll get cool pictures in October and I'll raffle off some of those images.

Lastly, before I take off, I'd like to give a shout out to Jon Avila, Ryan Micallef, Robert Lathrop and Michael Hooks for purchasing art prints from my solo art show and my Seattle art show. You guys are amazing!

Thanks to everyone that has been supporting me even if you just like or favorite a pic/tweet. You're very much appreciated. *high five*


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