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August 19, 2014

If you've been keeping up with me through my social networks, you've noticed that I've been somewhat MIA because of work/ projects I've been working on for other people. Despite my busy schedule, I haven't stopped shooting every day. I will admit that uploading has been a difficult task for me to accomplish lately but I'm working on it between balancing my social life, working life along with other obstacles. I'm currently on "vacation" in Seattle, Washington for three weeks. I say "vacation" because I'm mostly here for an art show I have and I'm working PAX the last week I'm here. I'm also editing lots of footage I took when I was on tour with Idlehands on my down time. Although I'm pretty good at keeping up with social networking sites, I get tired of them fairly fast. I was surprised to have kept up with them for 6 months straight before my busy schedule took over. I like to escape this internet "world" and do things other than the internet. Possibly the only internet related thing would be Netflix but if I'm in a different state, exploring is my go to thing. I'll dedicate a whole two days of this trip to uploading the images I haven't uploaded yet. Sorry if anyone has wondered where I was and if I had quit this 365 project. I'll get things sailing again very very soon. Also, thanks a bunch to those that are still with me. You rule.



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