182/365 - "Upside Down Blues" featuring Myself

July 06, 2014

Model: Myself

On June 30th my dog Remy got attacked by a big dog and had to get surgery. He's doing fine now but since I've been MIA for a whole week with my uploading, it's because I was taking care of him and less time on the computer. I probably spent about 4 hours MAX last week trying to edit and blog it up. But back to my Remy story, he was taking a walk and a dog jumped out of a car and attacked him. My mom and the other dogs owner were hitting the dog to let go of Remy. I wasn't present but apparently the lady was super apologetic and said she would pay for everything but she was going out of town for 10 days. We called animal control and we're gonna try to resolve everything once she gets back. My dogs are like my kids and they mean the world to me. I would kill for them so don't mess with them if you wanna see me rage quit in real life and not like I rage quit when Game of Thrones happens. BUT I'm glad he's getting back to normal and barking at people like always haha.

With all THAT being said, I forgot that June was over and I took another fashionable selfie and I messed up going into my July series. Either way, I edited it the way the rest of the month is gonna go so I guess I wasn't too worried. Life happens.


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