Adventure Buds

December 14, 2016

I've always wanted to take family style photos with my dogs and I finally got around to it thanks to my best friend Alfonso. I can always count on him to capture the right moments. Navi (top left) and Remy (top right) were both adopted when they were just weeks old. They were both totally unplanned (I'm sounding like I gave birth to them haha) and the ones that keep me sane and the happiest person on earth. It's amazing how a small fur-child can keep you so dang happy. I've gone through so much with them and I'm extremely thankful to have them both alive, healthy and happy. Here are the stories of how I came about to have the loves of my life.

Remy is the oldest, turning 8 years old in January. He's a chihuahua/poodle/chow mix and I got him my senior year of high school thanks to my friend Rita. Her dogs had puppies and she had given Remy to some guy. She told me that he was allergic to him so she had to take him back. LUCKILY, she knew that I've always wanted a dog of my own so she asked me. I've had dogs when I was a child but don't remember them so Remy (old name was Buddy) was about to become my #1. I asked my mom if she was up to the idea but I went to her with zero hope because she had said no in the past because of living situations. My mom asked to see a photo of him and she thought he was cute so she said yes. SCORE! When Remy arrived he was super shy and scared of everything, some things might have or might have not changed since haha, My mom said that when she saw him in person she thought he was ugly haha.  He hid under the couch for at least an hour and I  tried to get him out with toys and treats but he wouldn't budge. After laying on the floor with him for about an hour, I went upstairs to get something and he quickly followed. He was attached to me and didn't like anyone else in the family but me. He then liked my mom but didn't really get along with guys. It took him a while to like my brother and my dad and apparently it was because his dog dad hit him when he would try to eat and what not. Weird but I can see why he would have trust issues. He is a total cuddle bug but also a sassy boy. It's only if you live with me or visit extremely often that he'll like you or else his chihuahua side takes over and barks at you and annoys you. He means well. I promise haha.

Navi was brought into my life thanks to my old job at Zumiez. She's 5 years old and still acts like a puppy. She's extremely energetic and the sweetest baby girl. I was working a closing shift at Zumiez when a group of teenagers came into the store. It was a girl and about 4 of her guy friends. She was carrying Navi (she didn't have a name when I met her) and was so happy to meet everyone. I asked if I could carry her and she fell asleep in my armsᵔᴥᵔ  After a few minutes I gave her back and got back to work. The girl and her friends left and I went about my business. An hour or so passed and one of the guys came back. He said that the girl was gonna give him the dog but he was gonna move and couldn't keep her, but if I gave him my phone number he could hit me up and see if I wanted to take her. This dude was totally trying to get my number and was being clever about it too. Long story short, I lied and said I couldn't have dogs so I couldn't take her. He ended up giving her to my coworker but I didn't know about it until two days later when my coworker called me. She said if I wanted to keep the dog because her mom had told her she didn't want another dog. I thought for sure that my parents were gonna say no but it never hurts to try, right? So I went to go ask them and they were watching animal planet but when I walked in, there was a commercial and guess what the commercial was? YES, YOU GUESSED IT. "In the eyesss of an angel...!!" Sarah McLachlan, the angel from the heavens above saved the day and my parents were on that emotional level we all get to when we hear and watch that commercial. They said to bring her over and see if Remy got along with her and if so, we could keep her. Remy ended up liking her (for the moment) and we got to keep her. YAY! Remy quickly realized she was staying for good and after Navi got his toys, he wasn't a big fan. They get along now but the sassy part of him was real for a few months. Navi loves attention and also loves crashing my photo shoots(✿ ♥‿♥)

So thanks guy that was allegedly allergic to Remy and to Sarah McLachlan for helping out in me keeping Navi. They are both my everything and I owe my happiness to them. 

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Got them Star Wars PJ's that are clearly too big for them haha.


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