Los Angeles Adventures Part II

December 08, 2016

Alfonso, Travis and I went to LA this past Monday for a Dungeons & Dragons event of a campaign called Force Grey. FG was originally made through Nerdist and was one of my main sources of entertainment during this summer. I was extremely excited when I found out that they were going to do the last episode LIVE. I gathered my troops and headed to LA. Before the event we had a few hours to kill so we went to a place called Dirt Dog to see what the hype was all about. One of my many loves is hot dogs, as bad as they are, and these were delicious. 8/10 for sure. Unfortunately they weren't a 10/10 because their corn didn't taste fresh. Seemed like they tried to hide the lack of fresh flavor with the toppings. As a self proclaimed corn connoisseur, I take my corn very seriously, haha. I'd definitely recommend it just for the dogs. *changes blog to food reviews*. After food, we explored a book store called The Last Book Store. Labyrinth of books and amazing design, it was hard to not want to buy the entire store. We headed up to the Egyptian Theater after the book store where the D&D event was gonna be and I could not contain my excitement! There's even a clip of my excitement in my friend Travis' vlog. It was also Travis' first time experiencing a full dnd campaign and he even won a huge swag bag! I didn't take a lot of photos at the event because I wanted to be submerged in the last episode of the campaign. They gave away popcorn, drinks and little goodie bags. I wish they did more of these campaigns with awesome people live! The players in the live campaign were DM and voice actor extraordinaire Matthew Mercer and players/awesome talented people Utkarsh Ambudkar, Shelby Fero, Emily V GordonBrian Posehn and Dylan Sprouce. Everyone should give D&D a try because it's such an awesome creative game and i'll rep it until the day I die!

If you'd like to watch the live last episode of Force Grey, click here!


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