Music Videos and Apple Pie

December 19, 2013

Finals week is here! I hope everyone had a smooth week of finals and aced those tests. I've been working on my final for my film class these past two weeks and I FINALLY finished. It's been a crazy but fun experience since it was my first time shooting and putting together a video of my own. I came up with the idea as I was listening to Two Door Cinema Club's newest album Beacon. I was jamming to the song "Next Year" and was like, "Eh, why not?!" Then I started planning for my final. I ended up casting a few people but they ended up bailing last minute. LUCKILY my awesome friend Marianne volunteered and it was a go. I had my friend Luis help me out during the entire making of the video minus the plane shots & Seattle shots. Our first day of shooting was taking a mini road trip to Julian, home of the best pie and caramel apple cider there is. On our second day we went to downtown to shoot at some rooftops (we got a work out walking up 10 stories) met some awesome Canadian people and after we went to Lestat's to shoot some more. On our third or so day I shot at Soma with Chris and Mari. Fun fact, they're a real couple. Chris had just came back from tour and the last day on it was in San Diego. Lucky me! I shot some quick stuff with both of them since we were very limited on time. My editing process was somewhat smooth. I had started with some footage I shot on my way home from Seattle on the plane. I had filmed some footage when I was GOING to Seattle but my memory card was corrupted so all my videos were un-usable. Such a bummer. But I got it done. Things I would have changed: GET MORE FOOTAGE. It seemed like I had gotten a bunch from every location I went to but I needed more when developing Mari's & Chris' scene. I used some fun clips as fillers which I think look alright but you live and you learn. I definitely admire all my friends and everyone that is in this field. You guys make it look so easy, so much more respect for all of you. Enjoy the BTS (behind the scenes) pictures and the final video :)


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