When Strangers Steal the Holidays (but in an amazing way)...

December 24, 2013

I have no idea who these amazing people are but I took their picture. Here's the story:

I was finishing getting ready to eat dinner with my family for Christmas Eve and I suddenly heard my dogs barking and going crazy. My family was downstairs so I thought maybe my parents were waiting for someone else to arrive. Next thing I know, I hear a guitar and a group of people singing a Christmas medley. So I go downstairs and see these 4 wonderful people singing. I was thrown off by this that I turned to my mom with an awkward smile with the thought of, "Uhhh, what's going on, mom?" I was diggin' the tunes though and they sang with such soul. We all clapped when they finished and the mother (I'm assuming) proceeded to tell me that they were going to every house in the neighborhood asking for donations to send to the Philippines to help feed and rebuild after the tragedy that happened there earlier this year. This made me extremely happy so I asked if I could take their picture in front of my decorations, we donated to them and they were on to the next house. I saw the flyer they gave my dad after they left and they are part of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) in National City which are a part of the Dalaw Kalinga Foundation. I am always touched by the amazing people in this Earth that go day by day making it a better and positive place even when tragedy hits. I can hear them singing as I'm finishing up this post in my room, they definitely put the cherry on top of my holidays.


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