Killing the Messenger 2-04-17

February 07, 2017

Ya girl, back at it again photographing Killing the Messenger at Soma in San Diego. If you missed the last time I photographed them, check it out here.

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When there's a meteor coming to extinguish you and the rest of you dinosaur squad so you have to get your mosh on ASAP.

When your mom didn't make your favorite dish... you slam your face against the plate.

When you get a puppy for Christmas but

realize there's actually 






and you lose your shit.

When Ramses is number juan.

Hi Travis.

When you see an eggos commercial during the Superbowl...

 ...but realize it's the trailer for season two of Stranger Things.

When you smell pizza but

they ain't sharing... you gotta cash em ousside.


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