31 Days of Halloween; Day 6 "A Blur"

October 06, 2015

You know those days where you feel like doing everything but then absolutely nothing at the same time? I was in a weird mood today so I mostly kept to myself and ended up coming up with this. Kinda like a game of tug of war. You win some days and ya lose others. Stay positive always though!

p.s. New tv show season is among us! Shows (and new seasons!) I'm currently loving are Scream Queens, Gotham, Once Upon A Time, Heroes Reborn, The Flash and iZombie! I highly recommend all those. Also, American Horror Story starts tomorrow and I'm beyond excited that Lady Gaga is in it this season. I adore her and everything she's about. Have any shows you're loving that I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

Eyeshadow: Wet n Wild coloricon in 391A "art in the Streets"
Lips: NYX eye and eyebrow pencil in Sapphire

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