31 Days of Halloween' Day 5 "Escape"

October 06, 2015

I never thought that finding an old school broom would be so dang hard. I guess since it's 2015 it's somewhat understandable but zero witch brooms were found. Luckily everyone knows that plungers are second best when trying to get a photo done inspired by Hogwarts. I've known Luis for quite a few years now and I love the support he always gives me when it comes to life, photos and my bank account (he works @ Wells Fargo), haha. He's been writing some short stories based on my photos over on his website The Nerdwork  

Check out Luis on his personal social networks: Insta | Twitter 
Check out The Nerdwork social networks: Insta | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Big thanks to Alfonso Espinoza for the dementor drawings!


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