Abandoned Bus In Nature

September 07, 2015

Hiking is something I rarely do in San Diego. It's mostly because you have to wake up EXTRA early to beat the sun, unless you don't mind feeling like you're caught in the Fire Kingdom. Okay, I'm being a bit over-dramatic but it does get really hot. This past weekend I went hiking with family at Tiger Mountain. My brother had researched places with abandoned things and this hike came up with an abandoned bus. Forever grateful that my family supports my weird desire of exploring abandoned places. It was actually a really small hike to get to the bus which was awesome. After the small hike, we decided to explore the rest of the place and ended up going to see the biggest and oldest tree on the mountain. After three long hours of extremely fresh air and awesome views, we wrapped our adventure and headed back to the car for some snacks because lets be honest, ya girl was hungry and thirsty (even though I had water) because she's never hiked for three freaking hours in her entire life. 10/10 I'd definitely do it again. GO HIKING AND TAKE PHOTOS BECAUSE IT'S FUN.

Dat happiness doe.


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