Seattle hangs with San Diego locals

August 26, 2015

On Friday I met up with my friend Michael-Rex, a photo friend of mine from San Diego. I feel like there were many friends of mine in town that day but as much as I'd like to clone myself (it's better for the world that it doesn't happen) there will be more hangs another time. Michael has been on the road for two months with a few bands so I'm glad we got to hang out for a bit.

Michael and I explored a bit of downtown Seattle and of course, did what we love to do most, take photos! Later that night we went to the venue where the band he's on tour with (Stolas) was and watched some rad bands. The tour has a show tonight in Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst and the last date tomorrow in Fresno, CA @ Strummer so check out all the bands and say hi to Michael for me if you're in the area. 

Rex took some awesome photos of me as well so make sure to scroll all the way down for those. He doesn't give himself enough credit so tell him he's rad on instagram. Thanks for the hangs dude!

Go stalk Michael

Photos below by Michael Rex


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