He Is Legend in San Diego, CA at the Epicentre

May 17, 2015

Years ago, one of the things that fueled my photo addiction was photographing musicians on stage. The rush of having to move all over the stage and ninja my way everywhere was my favorite thing. Unfortunately, my passion for it slowly died last year and I never really pursued to shoot for different outlets and haven't shot a band I WANT to shoot since.

Although I still shoot concerts for the company I work for, it's mostly local bands. Now before you get your panties in a bunch, there is NOTHING wrong with photographing local bands. Especially when you get to see them super stoked to play House of Blues & you get to experience new music.

But my thing and passion for concert photography consisted of seeking out bands I love and photographing them. Experiencing the live music that you love and just saying, "THIS FREAKING RULES" inside makes me extremely happy. I know my fellow photo homies can relate especially when you capture an epic moment. YOUR INSIDES FEEL SO GEWD. I started doing this nature inspired edit on some rad bands a few years ago to fuel the passion I have for nature and because #ART. You can check some more artsy fartsy nature edits on my website.

With that being said, I had been waiting to photograph He Is Legend for quite a few years now. I believe my first attempt to shooting them was some time last year. I had requested a pass through an online publication I had been working with for a while and we never heard back from their press people. To my disappointment the next day, a friend that worked the venue they were playing at asked me why I didn't go since I was on the list. AWESOME. If you're asking why I didn't just go anyway, things came up that were out of my control. Fast forward a year later after my "hiatus", I finally got to shoot them and here are the results. I'm looking to photograph a few more concerts soon so hopefully blogs like these will be up more often or even just more live photos on other publications. Wish me luck!

If you'd like to use ANY of these photos, feel free to as long as you credit @anabphoto on Insta & Twitter :)

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