Killing The Messenger in San Diego, CA at Soma

May 28, 2015

I haven't shot or seen my friends in KTM in a looong time. So here are some images of their show from last Friday at Soma!

All photos shot and edited by me. Feel free to use as long as you credit @anabphoto :)

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When you and the homie are trying to hear zero evil

When the squad is 30 mins late to band practice so you take out your anger on your guitar

When you're trying to be Iron Man but you fail and the repulsor beam comes out of the side of your body

When you see that it's your lucky day and you get the last toaster strudel in the fridge

When someone says the mics are scented of  waffle cones but they lie about it

When your paradiddles are straight fire that you end up burning down the venue

When you lose your glasses and you're kind of tipsy so you can't tell if bae is cute or not...

When you remember how good toaster strudels are

When you wanna sit down for this next 5 min solo but someone moved your chair

When you see another dude in the pit pitting for your baes attention

When you wanna Hulk smash but you remember what happened to your last $3000 drum kit...

When you realize you're about to slide into the DM's

When you wanna smile but you also wanna look tough for bae

So you just act tough instead

When you remember you're out of Oreos

and you also remember that Ahren ate the last toaster strudel 

When you thank the squad for moshing with you

When you channel your inner Michael Jackson right before the next breakdown

When you notice something horrific and... see a spider on your drums and you hit it & miss 4 times.... 1




When the photographer is annoying AF so you hit her with your drum stick

When your drum game is over 9000


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